Cyber Security Assessment Services

Cyber Security Assessment Services

The attack surfaces are expanding and so are the risks. cloudDFN Cyber Security Assessment Service portfolio is a comprehensive program to identify, classify, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities across endpoints, servers, applications, databases, networks, cloud, etc.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify Potential Vulnerabilities Across Enterprise & Cloud

Evaluate Technical, Administrative and Management Controls

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Remediation Recommendation and Process Implementation

Customized Scanning Intervals viz. Monthly, Quarterly or Half-Yearly

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Internal Pentesting to Evaluate Systems and Vulnerabilities within Custoner Environment

External Pentesting to Simulate Like Attackers from Outside Customer Environment

Application Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

Red Team Assessment

Comprehensive Attack Simulation with Real World Threat Actors

Strengthen Incident Management

Cyber Security Preparedness

Improve Effectiveness of Security Controls

Red Team Assessment
Application Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment

Application Security Architecture Review

Application Security Assessment

Application Threat Modelling

Secure Code Review

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Compromise Assessment

Hunt and Detect Advanced Threats

Identify IOC & IOA

Validate Existing Security Controls

Analyze the Impact & Recommend Remediation

Define Incident Response/Forensic Strategies

Compromise Assessment
ICS/OT Security

ICS/OT Security Assessment

Review ICS Network Architecture

Gain Visibility of ICS, IOT Environment

Identify Vulnerabilities in ICS Components such as SCADA, PLC, Smart Meters, etc

Evaluate Security Controls

Review Policy and Procedures

Review Remote Access Mechanisms

Check Connectivity Between OT/IT Environments